[ bur-ger ]


  1. Thomas, 1924–2014, U.S. novelist.

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Berger also collaborates with other researchers on modeling and simulating Earth’s upper atmosphere to better predict how solar storms affect its density.

These are all strong motivators for Ridley, Berger and colleagues to study how storm-driven drag works.

Berger and coauthors Bryan Bryson and Brian Hie recently joined me on Zoom to explain their research.

Williams sued the city and was represented by Berger, the former Law Department attorney.

Now that Hawaii’s economy is reeling from dramatically fewer tourists, a group of state officials and community leaders wants more people like Berger to help provide an alternative to relying on short-term visitors.

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“There will be flashbacks to that day, but I think it will be a reasonably abstract performance,” Berger said.

Voicing Odie the dog was Gregg Berger, the original voice of Grimlock on the Transformers cartoons.

Karen Berger, another regular player at Haviland Hollow Farm said the appeal of polo for her is multifaceted.

Yet, according to the complaint, Berger was “deliberately indifferent” to these allegations against Gibney.

But Berger also writes about how questioning can help us solve problems and work through difficult challenges in our daily lives.

He'll serve you Madeira with your soup, and Stein-berger with your fish, thirty francs a bottle, each of them.

The treatise is assigned by Berger de Xivrey to the sixth century, on grounds which are hardly conclusive (p. xxxiv).

Written from the pronunciation of the interpreter Berger, and several Blackfoot Indians.

The account he gives of Miss Berger—Benjay he calls her—is not lacking in spleen.

The works of Fisher , Hudson , and Berger are notable exceptions.


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