/ (bɜːk) /

  1. British slang a stupid person; fool

Origin of berk

C20: shortened from Berkeley or Berkshire Hunt rhyming slang for cunt

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How to use berk in a sentence

  • berk, a woman, helps Gibson look marginally less like a dangerous, fire-breathing misogynist.

    Celebrity Legal Eagles | Rebecca Dana | July 25, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Certainly not; we never call them the States, and with us c-l-e-r-k spells clerk, and B-e-r-k berk.

  • The oysters came from the usual place, but I'm in high feather, berk, for I have the best cook in town.

    Talbot's Angles | Amy E. Blanchard
  • berk Matthews is allowed, or rather he comes without being allowed, being a favorite and liable to take his own way.

    Talbot's Angles | Amy E. Blanchard
  • "berk was entirely too keen when he said I had a special purpose in going to town periodically," she began.

    Talbot's Angles | Amy E. Blanchard
  • There's another way out of it, berk; the place reverts to Verlinda in the event of Grace's death.

    Talbot's Angles | Amy E. Blanchard