/ bɑːks /

abbreviation for

  1. Berkshire

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Example Sentences

Since the year 2000, 1,600 people have been jailed in Berks County alone for failing to pay truancy fines.

Pippa is now designing a ring and planning a reception at the home of her parents Carole and Michael in Bucklebury, Berks.

Kate was visiting her prep school, St Andrew's in Pangbourne, Berks, which she attended from the age of four to 13.

I besought her to bless me with her consent; and, after the ceremony was passed, to accompany me down to Berks.

Mr. Blower afterwards removed to Abingdon, in Berks, where he died in 1701.

Tom does not expect to spend this summer in Berks, but is making arrangements for a most delightful outing elsewhere.

The Rifles now came on to take the village, and they gave us a cheer and a shout of 'Well done, Berks!'

Of course this ends the cruise, and I shall head back for Berks just as quick as I get a fair wind up the river.