a simple past tense and past participle of beseech.

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Related formsun·be·sought, adjective



verb (used with object), be·sought or be·seeched, be·seech·ing.

to implore urgently: They besought him to go at once.
to beg eagerly for; solicit.

verb (used without object), be·sought or be·seeched, be·seech·ing.

to make urgent appeal: Earnestly did I beseech, but to no avail.

Origin of beseech

before 1100; Middle English bisechen, Old English besēcan. See be-, seek

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the past tense and past participle of beseech


verb -seeches, -seeching, -sought or -seeched

(tr) to ask (someone) earnestly (to do something or for something); beg
Derived Formsbeseecher, nounbeseeching, adjectivebeseechingly, adverb

Word Origin for beseech

C12: see be-, seek; related to Old Frisian besēka

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