[ bet-n-koor, -kawr; Spanish be-tahng-kawrt ]


  1. Ró·mu·lo [rom, -y, uh, -loh, raw, -moo-law], 1908–81, Venezuelan journalist and political leader: president of Venezuela 1945–48 and 1959–64.

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Example Sentences

Fecal pellet diameter tracks closely with body size, and body size decreases with climatic warming, says Betancourt.

Back in the 1980s, Betancourt used them to weigh in on the question of what happened to the Ancient Puebloans of the North American Southwest.

Up until this point, Betancourt explains, most of what scientists knew about past flora came from pollen deposits.

Betancourt, meanwhile, is using DNA to look at the bigger ecological picture.

Betancourt also notes that Lil Nas’ snake resembles not just the serpent in most retellings of the Bible, but Lilith, Adam’s first wife from Jewish mythology.

From Time

The deeper reason for this international success, says Hazareesingh, is that Betancourt is a genuine product of two cultures.

And it was this book that Betancourt dreamt of writing while imprisoned.

To her surprise, Betancourt has discovered that communicating her experiences directly to her family was impossible.

The strikingly blunt 544-page book begins with Betancourt on a mad-dash nighttime run toward escape.

Betancourt spoke powerfully about her time in captivity and how thoughts of her family carried her through.

Gomez is now with President Betancourt at Cubitas, waiting for a report of your expedition.

To that place he was reappointed by President Cisneros Betancourt.