[ buh-thez-duh ]


  1. a pool in Biblical Jerusalem, believed to have healing powers.
  2. a city in central Maryland; residential suburb of Washington, D.C.
  3. bethesda, a chapel.


/ bəˈθɛzdə /


  1. New Testament a pool in Jerusalem reputed to have healing powers, where a paralysed man was healed by Jesus (John 5:2)
  2. a chapel of any of certain Nonconformist Christian sects

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Example Sentences

Near the end of February, they held an auction at a Bethesda restaurant.

In August 2019, a Bethesda, Maryland, bowling alley considered to be an “anchor” for veterans shut its doors, citing money-related pressures and a decrease in customers.

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He ordered salmon from True Food Kitchen in Bethesda and poured himself a glass of pinot noir.

Bethesda said it will be "some time" before more details are available.

She grew up in Montgomery County, graduated from Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, majored in history at Dartmouth College and earned a law degree from the University of Texas.

One of my most important mentors was a brilliant and eccentric rabbi from Bethesda, Maryland.

The first trial will be conducted in 20 healthy, uninfected volunteers at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland.

The finding was immediately pounced upon by members of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (of Bethesda, Md.).

Transiting through medical facilities in Germany, he checked into Bethesda.

She taught dressmaking, had two children, and moved to Bethesda, Md., when her husband went to work for the World Bank.

When we arrived at Bethesda, we went immediately to some room, reception room, where the family was.

And we followed in a car directly behind that, went out to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

This institution was established in Savannah, and called Bethesda.

Under this strict regime, as was to be expected, there was not a little restlessness at Bethesda, as the chapel was called.

At Bethesda, as the meeting-house was called, there had been a venerable and godly man in the pulpit for nearly fifty years.


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