[ bet-ee, bet ]


  1. a female given name, form of Elizabeth.

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Example Sentences

Bette Midler recorded Ian’s song “Some People’s Lives,” the title track of Bette’s Grammy-winning 1991 album.

Celine, Bette, Manilow, Cirque du Soleil and, now, Britney and Olivia.

However, Bette never went to the Washington state web site to check out all the options available to her.

Bette would “have no choice” but to pay the extra, socialistic freight.

Bette Midler sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" in honor of those who died this year.

Bette Midler will be making her first on-stage Oscars appearance.

It was evident that fleet as La Bette might be, Fatima was far fleeter.

I asked him one day if he remembered the terrible passage about those "eunuchs of art" in "La Cousine Bette."

Balzac, in his “Cousine Bette,” says that there is no stronger passion than the love of one woman for another.

The most repugnant detail of this unfortunate woman's case Balzac utilized not long afterwards in his Cousin Bette.

Bette is the poor relation who, unlike Pons, revenges herself for her humiliations and the insults bestowed on her.