noun, plural beys.

a provincial governor in the Ottoman Empire.
(formerly) a title of respect for Turkish dignitaries.
(formerly) the title of the native ruler of Tunis or Tunisia.

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Origin of bey

1590–1600; < Turkish, by-form of earlier beg, Old Turkic beg subordinate chief, head of a clan, perhaps < a MChin word akin to Chinese bǎi hundred (Guangdong dial. baak)

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(in the Ottoman Empire) a title given to senior officers, provincial governors, certain other officials or nobles, and (sometimes) Europeans
(in modern Turkey) a title of address, corresponding to Mr
Also called: beg

Word Origin for bey

C16: Turkish: lord

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Word Origin and History for bey



"governor of a Turkish district," 1590s, from Turkish bey, a title of honor, the Osmanli equivalent of Turkish beg.

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