or BFF

[ bee-ef-ef ]

abbreviation for

, Informal.
, plural bffs, BFFs
  1. a person's best friend, typically a girl's (sometimes used facetiously):

    I really miss my bffs.

    Cheryl in Customer Service called twice today—she's my new BFF.

  2. one’s close associate, ally, or supporter:

    the oil lobby and its bff’s in Congress.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bff1

First recorded in 1995-2000; initial letters of best friend/friends forever

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Example Sentences

While not exactly BFF yet, but Cuba and the U.S. just became closer than they have since diplomatic ties were cut in 1961.

The cover story was titled “Kim Kardashian: The Art of Reality,” and written by M.I.A. BFF Lynn Hirschberg.

Bonus: BFF Billy Crystal, who hosted that year, giving Williams a big bear hug as he exited, trophy in hand, to the wings.

Remember when Yair Lapid was an unstoppable political juggernaut, and Naftali Bennett was his BFF?

While BFF Decker landed the cover, Teigen was named “rookie of the year,” launching her career as a smoldering centerfold.