[ bib-lee-op-uh-jee ]

  1. the art of binding books.

Origin of bibliopegy

1825–35; biblio- + Greek pēg- (stem of pēgnýnai to fasten) + -y3

Other words from bibliopegy

  • bib·li·o·peg·ic [bib-lee-uh-pej-ik, -pee-jik], /ˌbɪb li əˈpɛdʒ ɪk, -ˈpi dʒɪk/, adjective
  • bib·li·op·e·gist, noun
  • bib·li·op·e·gis·tic, bib·li·op·e·gis·ti·cal, adjective

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How to use bibliopegy in a sentence

  • The library is rich in rare editions beautifully bound by men whose names rank first in the art of bibliopegy.

    The Book-Hunter in London | William Roberts