or bee·di, bi·ri

[ bee-dee ]
/ ˈbi di /
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noun, plural bi·dis.
(in India) an inexpensive cigarette, locally produced usually from cut tobacco rolled in leaf.
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Origin of bidi

<Hindi bīḍī<Sanskrit vīṭikā a preparation rolled in betel leaf
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How to use bidi in a sentence

  • These names were, respectively, Enu-ilu and Yau-bidi, or Ilu-bidi.

    Archology and the Bible|George A. Barton
  • As he wept, Bidi and Bidhati descended from the sky and asked him the reason of his sorrow.

    Santal Folk Tales|A. Campbell
  • Bidi and Bidhati instructed me how to proceed, and I have brought you to life again.

    Santal Folk Tales|A. Campbell
  • So they returned joyfully home singing the praises of Bidi and Bidhati.

    Santal Folk Tales|A. Campbell