[ bif-ee ]

noun,plural bif·fies.Chiefly Upper Midwest and Canadian Slang.
  1. a toilet or privy.

Origin of biffy

Origin obscure

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How to use biffy in a sentence

  • Get a move on that carcass of yours, biffy, and let somebody else get up to that table.

    Peter | F. Hopkinson Smith
  • And he had beaten biffy to it, although biffy had almost killed himself with trying.

    Rough-Hewn | Dorothy Canfield
  • He remembered to be sorry for biffy till the whistle blew for the Annapolis game.

    Rough-Hewn | Dorothy Canfield
  • The next afternoon Neale was back on the Varsity and biffy on the scrub.

    Rough-Hewn | Dorothy Canfield
  • There was a pang in his beatitude, a painful moment of generous distress when biffy came up to congratulate him.

    Rough-Hewn | Dorothy Canfield