Big Apple


  1. the Big Apple informal.
    New York City

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Big Apple1

C20: probably from US jazzmen's earlier use to mean any big, esp northern, city; of obscure origin
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Example Sentences

Occasional, more traditional efforts have met with success—the Big Apple Circus and lingering smaller acts.

At Big Apple Circus, a set of camels is as exotic as it gets, so your conscience can remain unsullied.

She left The Ringling Bros. to join Big Apple as chief trainer over five years ago.

The Big Apple influenced the industry by introducing a more practical look combined with the existing femininity.

A decade later, the two meet again in the Big Apple and pick up where they left off.

The beautiful maiden had never in her life seen such a big apple, and was very much astonished.

When she was put in her coop, under the big apple-tree by the fence, Nelly fed her with moistened Indian meal, every day.

Hardly had he spoken when from behind a big apple tree another man sprung.

She could not go indoors, so she went down to the big apple tree that had a seat all around the trunk.

The doctor had give Sonny a big apple to eat an' pernounced him free from all symptoms o' lockjaw.





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