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big screen


  1. an informal name for the cinema

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Example Sentences

Three films about British brains show the trouble of bringing otherworldly intelligence to the big screen.

Almost every fictional hero of my childhood has come back to life on the big screen in recent years.

When Garfield moved to the big screen in 2004 and 2006, it was fitting for Bill Murray to replace the deceased actor.

Such standout performances have been rare: her big-screen blockbuster salvo, Batman Begins (2005), fizzled to nothing.

Last November, Crawford sold his van and his big-screen television.

Away to starboard of them at five miles are five battle-cruisers—the usual lot with a big screen—too smoky to count.

A couple of assistants checked dials and refreshed their memories from notebooks and peered anxiously into the big screen.

At 1830, Paula joined him for her breakfast, while he sat in front of the big screen, eating his dinner.

Von Schlichten looked up at the big screen, on which the battle of Konkrook was being projected from an overhead pickup.

This time, Jack Holloway looked up into the big screen, in which he could see everybody.


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