[ big-boks ]


  1. pertaining to or noting a very large retail store that does a high volume of business and usually has low prices:

    Big-box retailers claim that they create jobs and boost tax revenue.

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Other Words From

  • big box noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of big-box1

First recorded in 1990–95
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Example Sentences

She appeared to be just a happy American consumer out shopping at a big-box store.

Going to Thanksgiving is like going to war; setting foot in a big-box store is like walking into World War Z.

And this big box that encloses him is only an exaggeration of his regular nerd-dandy clothes.

Big box retailers like Ikea and Walmart generally lead the rankings.

In the 20th century, interstate highways provided the distribution networks for big-box retailers like Walmart.

The Doctor pointed exasperatedly towards the big box of letters.

Listen here: last week he sent a big box of candy from Cleveland and this morning another box came from Pittsburg.

With the ax he next forced the rifle chest and removed therefrom one Winchester and a big box of cartridges.

The big box did not contain the resignations of any of the objectionable members of the Coalition.

There is a cupboard full of clothes which belonged to him, and there is a big box full of money, too.





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