big daddy


, (often initial capital letters)
  1. a man regarded as the paternalistic head of a family.
  2. the founder or a leading member of a company, organization, movement, etc.:

    the big daddy of soil conservation.

  3. the federal government:

    to thank big daddy for the tax cut.

  4. Chiefly Southern U.S. grandfather.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of big daddy1

First recorded in 1950–55

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Example Sentences

Big Daddy, KICK-ASS Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage)—or “Big Daddy”—is a former NYPD detective turned vigilante hero.

In Britain, World of Sport viewers saw the red-trunked “Red Ivan” get “body-splashed” by crowd favorite Big Daddy.

The film is stripped of some of the dark plot turns, leaving Big Daddy as a straight crusader that everyone reveres.

Big Daddy Kane: This project has been three years in the making.

Madonna was saying to them “That's Big Daddy Kane, one of the greatest rappers in the world.”

His father, Big Daddy, in his rough, profane way was greatly concerned about his son.

Nothing that Brock could say to his father was sufficient to cause Big Daddy to turn away.


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