big toe


  1. the first, innermost, largest digit of the foot.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of big toe1

First recorded in 1885–90

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Example Sentences

There’s pretty good evidence that, under the right conditions, a stiff plate saves a bit of energy that you’d otherwise waste in bending your big toe.

Press through your big toe to raise your foot up as high as you can for one count.

She combined a long lower pelvis that stabilized a straight-legged stance with an apelike, opposable big toe.

A bottle of wine or a heavy jar seem to be a big killer for the great toe, or big toe.

Check that there is no pressure on your pinky toe and only a slight amount on your big toe.

I was lucky; but over the next month, the nerve damage to what remained of my big toe was too much.

“Somehow, I hit something or something hit me and split my big toe down the middle,” he wrote.

“I bet he could scratch his ear with his big toe all right,” Pant had laughed.

The fist and big toe of this monster figure are in the British Museum.

To assure herself that the water was cold she ran down to where the canoes lay and poked one 87 big toe into the edge of the pool.

The weight is thrown more forcibly upon it, as with the human foot it is upon the inner or big toe.

A star in front of him (on his forehead) and a vermilion flower on the big toe of the left foot.





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