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  1. E(dward George) Pow·er [pou, -er], 1906–77, English organist in the U.S.

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Example Sentences

Biggs faces similar charges, except for the destruction of property.

Biggs’s defense attorney, Michael Ryan, has called the allegations against Biggs “speculative” and said he is not accused of damaging the Capitol.

Debbie and Mark Meadows, Jordan and Biggs did not respond to requests for comment.

The FBI said Biggs and at least one person he was with appeared to carry walkie-talkie-style two-way communication devices.

Biggs spoke with agents Monday and admitted entering the Capitol building without forcing entry, the FBI said.

“[Biggs] was concerned and upset that I was somehow engaging in political activity,” says Sisley.

Biggs did not return multiple requests to comment for this story.

When Sisley released a photo of the addendum, taken by a friend in the legislature, reporters flooded Biggs with questions.

She details the time Biggs purposefully hit on her friend, Simone, to determine her loyalty in “Chicks Before Dicks.”

At the same time, Butters proved to have very specific ideas as to where he felt Mellon and Biggs should sit.

Notwithstanding Mrs. Biggs's prediction that she would not sleep a wink, Eloise did sleep fairly well.

Mrs. Biggs opened her window cautiously, and thrust out her head, minus her false hair, and enveloped in a cotton nightcap.

Eloise never had, and the pain in her ankle was so sharp that she gave little heed to what Mrs. Biggs was saying.

Eloise was puzzled, but the sight of Mrs. Biggs tugging at her wet satchel to open it diverted her mind.

It proved to be a grocer's boy instead of Mr. Bills, and Mrs. Biggs came back just as Howard was presenting the slippers.





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