[ bing-uhm ]


  1. George Caleb, 1811–79, U.S. painter.

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Example Sentences

Bingham was a rugby player, calm and fearless enough to run with the bulls in Pamplona.

“Sometimes,” Bingham said, “I just want to…” But he did not finish the sentence.

Hugh Bingham, 72, thought his brother had probably escaped to Africa—and might still be alive.

Bingham Ray, a widely admired indie-film veteran and former studio head, has died, the Sundance Film Festival announced on Monday.

“I will deeply miss Bingham Ray who died today,” firebrand documentarian Michael Moore tweeted Monday.

Clara Bingham on a coal executive with a seeming disregard for worker safety.

Colonel Bingham coughed, and tapped his writing-desk with the letter.

As they got out of the train Colonel Bingham turned to Patty.

On the whole, she thought it would be proper now for him to go to Mrs. Bingham's and to the President's receptions.

Bingham bowed over his glass, and regretted that canvasback ducks and terrapin were not yet in season.

She adds that Mrs. Bingham was very handsome and decidedly the most attractive lady present.