/ (binju) /

  1. a small high-pitched Breton bagpipe

Origin of biniou

from Breton beniou

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How to use biniou in a sentence

  • The drone of the biniou is of boxwood, handsomely inlaid with tin, and has a single or beating reed hidden within the stock.

  • The sonneur de biniou is blind, and quite wrapped up in his art; he lives, as it were, in a world apart.

    Brittany | Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes
  • The orchestra—two violins, a reed-pipe, a biniou, and a harp—were playing away with might and main.

    Lorraine | Robert W. Chambers
  • The biniou is rather like a small bagpipe and produces a wild, shrill sound.

  • During the repasts a violinist and a biniou-player, dressed in his Breton costume, played to us.