binocular vision

  1. Vision that incorporates images from two eyes simultaneously. The slight differences between the two images-seen from slightly different positions-make it possible to perceive distances between objects in what is known as depth perception. Also called stereoscopic vision

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How to use binocular vision in a sentence

  • In many cases of periodic squint the condition of binocular vision is very interesting.

    Schweigger on Squint | C. Schweigger
  • Moreover the condition of binocular vision quite confirmed the statements as to the previous squint.

    Schweigger on Squint | C. Schweigger
  • Therefore, in binocular vision certain things are seen with one eye only.

    Criminal Psychology | Hans Gross
  • (ii) To rectify the muscular equilibrium in alternating or latent squints, so that binocular vision may be regained.

  • These in the stereoscope exhibited all the relief resulting from binocular vision, and looked like a solid globe.

    History of Astronomy | George Forbes