[ bahy-uh-me-trik ]


  1. pertaining to biometry.
  2. pertaining to, noting, or using a person's unique physical and other traits for the purposes of identification and security:

    a biometric system;

    biometric readers;

    a biometric passport.


/ ˌbaɪəʊˈmɛtrɪk /


    1. relating to the analysis of biological data using mathematical and statistical methods
    2. relating to digital scanning of the physiological or behavioural characteristics of individuals as a means of identification

      biometric fingerprinting

  1. relating to the statistical calculation of the probable duration of human life

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Word History and Origins

Origin of biometric1

First recorded in 1875–80; bio- ( def ) + metric 1( def )

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Example Sentences

Amba Kak, the global policy director at AI Now, who did not participate in the research, says the paper offers a stark picture of how the biometrics industry has evolved.

From AI-driven video analysis to biometrics collected by “smart fabrics” and “wearables,” ever-larger amounts of data are guiding personnel and strategic decisions, driving talent identification and bringing in big money.

Last fall, Amazon introduced a new biometric device, Amazon One, that allowed customers to pay at Amazon Go stores using their palm.

Federal privacy proposalsBy mid-2020 there were at least 11 privacy bills floating around Congress, not to mention others addressing specific issues related to privacy such as facial recognition and biometric data.

From Digiday

Under the deal, Israel gets 10 million doses of the BioNtech-Pfizer vaccine in return for sharing anonymized biometric data on who receives it and how it affects them, Politico reports.

From Time

“People entrust firearms with their lives,” Kloepfer told me while explaining his biometric gun.

Now, with Health, Apple will bring a central repository to the entire biometric madness—to the benefit of consumers.

USASOC is looking for an instant biometric system, possibly on a smartphone, that can be used in covert operations.

There are two key advantages of biometric over biographic checks according to Verdery.

That isn't a "biometric" data set by any reasonable definition.

It's a biometric identifier, like fingerprints or retina-scans, but it's got a lot more "collisions" than either of those.

In the text I have availed myself of biometric, genetic and other results impartially.

With the progress of Mendelian research, biometric methods must be supplemented with pedigree studies.

The index of heredity may be readily obtained in the familiar biometric fashion from table 9.

A biometric "collision" is when a measurement matches more than one person.


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