[burd-dawg, -dog]

verb (used with object), bird-dogged, bird-dog·ging. Informal.

to follow, watch carefully, or investigate.
to seek out.

verb (used without object), bird-dogged, bird-dog·ging.

Informal. to follow or watch carefully.
Slang. to steal or attempt to steal another person's date.

Origin of bird-dog

v. use of bird dog

bird dog


one of any of various breeds of dogs trained to hunt or retrieve birds.
Informal. a person hired to locate special items or people, especially a talent scout who seeks out promising athletes.
Slang. a person who steals another person's date.

Origin of bird dog

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for bird-dog

Historical Examples of bird-dog

  • Hurley sniffed like a bird-dog that has just raised a covey.

    The Heart of Canyon Pass

    Thomas K. Holmes

  • He was a bird-dog, and so bright it seemed as if he could almost talk.

    A Busy Year at the Old Squire's

    Charles Asbury Stephens

  • But somehow they seem to lack the pride and responsiveness that I find in those with bird-dog ancestry.

    Baldy of Nome

    Esther Birdsall Darling

  • Say, one of Mr. Ferrall's men was here just now—there he is, over there uncrating that there bird-dog!

    The Fighting Chance

    Robert W. Chambers

  • He seemed to look at nothing, now—like a bird-dog that senses the nearness of the invisible quarry.

British Dictionary definitions for bird-dog

bird dog


hunting a dog used or trained to retrieve game birds after they are shot

verb bird-dog -dogs, -dogging or -dogged

informal to control closely with unceasing vigilance
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