[ bur-kuhn-stok ]

  1. a brand of sandals having a contoured sole.

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Example Sentences

Just five days into the Alt Tour, it was bothering him so much that he switched from cycling shoes and clipless pedals to Birkenstock sandals and flat pedals.

His feet were covered by thick light gray socks shoved into Birkenstock sandals.

Birkenstock, maker of what is affectionately deemed the original ugly sandal, has a luxurious new owner.

From Quartz

As summer fades into fall, only time will tell how long the Birkenstock revival will last.

Mr. C. Birkenstock: We must not act with undue haste in this important matter.

Mr. Birkenstock (Vrijheid) felt that this was too important a matter to be treated with such haste.

Mr. Birkenstock (Vrijheid) asked whether the proposal could not be accepted under protest.

Mr. Birkenstock said that the question about the goldfields must be carefully considered.

Mr. C. Birkenstock asked whether the proposal of the British could not be accepted under protest.





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