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[burs; Scot. birs]
noun Scot.
  1. a short hair of the beard or body; a bristle.
  2. anger; rage.
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Origin of birse

before 900; Old English byrst; cognate with Old High German borst, burst, Old Norse burst. See bristle
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Historical Examples

  • The souter gae the sow a kiss; "grumph," quo' she, "it's for a birse."

    The Proverbs of Scotland

    Alexander Hislop

  • It is,” I agreed; “but you were to tell me what Birse told you of the disturbance at the Spittal.

  • But I am still puzzled to dispose of the birse in a (p. 089) becoming manner.

  • Footnote 28: A birse, or bunch of hog's bristles, forms the cognizance of the Sutors.

  • And I saw him,” said Birse, “put up his hand atween him and the Book, as if he thocht it was to jump at him.