birth name

[ burth neym ]


  1. the surname inherited by a person at birth, especially a woman’s maiden name.
  2. the first or middle name that is given to a person at birth, but which may be changed later according to preference, upon adoption, after gender transition, etc. deadname ( def 1 ).

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Word History and Origins

Origin of birth name1

First recorded in 1865–70 birth name fordef 1; 1975–80 birth name fordef 2

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Example Sentences

Court records and all official references to Yoakam at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women refer to him by his legal female birth name.

Nobody named Karen faces systematic discrimination on the basis of their birth name.

Meanwhile, his grandfather was named Marion—also the birth name of John Wayne.

And she did not like the fact that his birth name is Johnny Reid [Edwards], she never called him Johnny Reid like Rielle did.

Then there is the once influential Amiri Baraka, formerly a formidable literary talent whose birth name was LeRoi Jones.

Aubrey at thirty might worry his head about her parents and her birth-name.

No one can exchange his clan or birth name, any more than he can change his sex.

Children are named after the day of the week on which they were born, and nicknames are frequently substituted for the birth name.

When they came to the surface they jumped about in the water, making it muddy; hence the birth-name for the first son, Ni-gaqude.

By and by they opened their eyes in the water; hence their first birth-name, Niadi-icta-ugaba.





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