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[ burth-dey ]


  1. the anniversary of a birth.
  2. the day of a person's birth.
  3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something.
  4. the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.


/ ˈbɜːθˌdeɪ /


    1. an anniversary of the day of one's birth
    2. ( as modifier )

      birthday present

  1. the day on which a person was born
  2. any anniversary

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Word History and Origins

Origin of birthday1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; birth, day

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Example Sentences

The pandemic-specific cards came up quickly afterwards, because we heard people saying, “Gosh, birthdays aren’t what they used to be.”

From Vox

For a milestone birthday, she bought herself a designer purse, a matching wallet and some brand-name apparel.

Because of this success, CAMP will create new online shopping experiences for birthday parties, baby showers and holidays like Valentine’s Day.

From Digiday

Like their liquor-based counterparts, booze-free drinks can serve to help us discover new flavors or celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, or a new job—or just making it through the work week at your current one.

It’s what lets you guess why your friend is upset on her birthday.

They had three years together before Ziad left to do his compulsory military service, leaving on her birthday, April 4, 2001.

As a result, while Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in England, his birthday was January 4, 1643 everywhere else.

A Spaniard by birth, Victor Serna left home shy of his 14th birthday and entered the monastery to become a Marist brother.

Recently a woman successfully crowdfunded to pay off a $360 trip taken on her 26th birthday.

So, happy 20th birthday to this proudly silly fashion classic.

It will be no more monotonous than having one's seventh birthday or falling in love for the first time.

He gave his cousin a silk dress, and he bought himself a set of books for his birthday; he was thirty-two.

Musical festival in Westminster abbey, in commemoration of the birthday of Handel.

A person becomes of age at the beginning of the day before his twenty-first birthday.

I had a good crying spell on my twenty-fifth birthday and Ive looked through clear eyes ever since.





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