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bitter pill


  1. a distressing experience or result that is hard to accept (often in the expression a bitter pill to swallow ):

    Being passed over for promotion was a bitter pill to swallow.

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Example Sentences

For Randy, a 50-year-old ex-Mormon gay man, this cure was a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

For the Times, which had won four Pulitzer Prizes in 2013, the Snowden slip-up was a bitter pill to swallow.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for those conservatives who supported the war and bitterly fought Obamacare.

Bitter Pill Steven Brill, Time Why medical bills are killing us.

However there is a Bitter Pill that must be recognized and accepted by all for a restructuring to be effective.

This, indeed, to a sincere and earnest man like himself, was a bitter pill; a pill he found it hard to swallow.

The rascal jumped over in the Channel, and was drowned—the shark got a bitter pill that swallowed him.

This was harder for me than any of the others, and was indeed a bitter pill.

It was a bitter pill to have to accept association pilots at last, yet captains and owners agreed that there was no other way.

It was a bitter pill for far-sighted men like Washington, Madison, and others, who did not believe in slavery.





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