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[ biz ]


, Informal.
  1. business:

    How's the used car biz these days? Her brother's in show biz.



/ bɪz /


  1. informal.
    short for business



the internet domain name for

  1. a business

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Word History and Origins

Origin of biz1

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60; by shortening and respelling

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Example Sentences

When the rise of air conditioning weakened the awning biz, he began making tents that he designed himself, starting in 1961.

Electronic musician, YouTuber and viral social media sensation Marc Rebillet’s been a full-time musician for three years, yet, contrary to the most established acts in the biz, managed to actually bolster his career mid-pandemic.

From Ozy

The culture deskI envision a desk that crosses departments, that includes features and metro and biz, where they bring their best ideas about how we can cover communities that we historically may not have or may have covered in a superficial way.

From Digiday

We need to stop thinking like hustlers and start thinking like the tycoons running the oil biz.

The two first met in a tiny windowless conference room in Seattle in 2012 after Sievert, a boy wonder in the marketing biz, had already been interviewed by the prior two T-Mobile CEOs.

From Fortune

The trade in empty bottles should be as eyebrow-raising as the old Soviet dud-bulb biz.

It goes without saying that much stranger things have occurred in the television biz.

And the drug biz has some bizarre effects on the ex-spies and office workers.

The question of “appropriate” show biz pairings is a natural extension of the horribly skewed, superficial world we live in.

Biz Stone, a Twitter co-founder, wants to help you find an answer.

"Tige understands the 'biz' if any one ever did," said the bullet-headed attendant, laughing gayly.

Me mudder wasn't built to stand de wear and tear, an' about de time I was foist chased off to school, she went out o' biz.

The only weapons we had was a few ole razors 'n' our fists, but we was so bughouse we cal'lated they oughter do the biz.

But what I mean—if I'd had to stay in the house, where would we been about the most important thing in the whole biz'nuss?

“Yes; the little beast means cold-drawn biz,” returned my friend.