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black and white




[ blak-uhn-hwahyt, -wahyt ]


  1. displaying only black and white tones; without color, as a picture or chart:

    a black-and-white photograph.

  2. partly black and partly white; made up of separate areas or design elements of black and white:

    black-and-white shoes.

  3. of, relating to, or constituting a two-valued system, as of logic or morality; absolute:

    To those who think in black-and-white terms, a person must be either entirely good or entirely bad.



    1. a photograph, picture, sketch, etc, in black, white, and shades of grey rather than in colour
    2. ( as modifier )

      black-and-white film

  1. the neutral tones of black, white, and intermediate shades of grey Compare colour
  2. in black and white
    1. in print or writing
    2. in extremes

      he always saw things in black and white

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Word History and Origins

Origin of black and white1

First recorded in 1590–1600
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Example Sentences

Artists Under Hitler successfully manages to add some grey to the generally black-and-white conversation about Nazis and art.

This whole thing about a black-and-white culture of knee-jerk reactions is reinforced by television.

The second question was about viewing the world in strictly black-and-white (or red-and-blue) terms.

They are grainy, low-resolution black-and-white pictures, more scruff than science.

Having sufficiently wet ourselves, we viewers are left with a chilling, black-and-white image of blood circling the shower drain.

So Regis Brugiere stole Jim, the black-and-white setter, and concealed him well.

There were two black-and-white arched stripes across the forehead, and a yellow curving line across each cheek under the eye.

Gibson was perfectly at home in black-and-white, but rarely (and feebly) used colours.

Then the phrase, like a black-and-white flower, rolled back its thundering petals, and the masterpiece was born.

Most birds of the waterside seem to find that black-and-white feathers make a good disguise.





black-and-tan terrierblack arm