black powder



an explosive powder consisting of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal, used chiefly in old guns fired for sport, in fireworks, and for spotting charges in practice bombs; black gunpowder.

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Examples from the Web for black powder

  • Down leftward a black-powder gun was popping on the film-cut ridge of Bluebank.

  • As compared with other explosives, gunpowder or black-powder has certain advantages.

  • The lead balls of their own black-powder rifles would have plunked into the water-logged wood without visible effect.

    The Return|H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire
  • They went back to a low-order steam-power, black-powder, culture, and haven't gotten beyond that to this day.

    Time Crime|H. Beam Piper

British Dictionary definitions for black powder

black powder


another name for gunpowder
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