[ blak-bern ]


  1. a city in central Lancashire, in NW England.
  2. Mount, a mountain in SE Alaska, in the Wrangel Mountains. 16,140 feet (4,920 meters).


/ ˈblækbɜːn /


  1. a city in NW England, in Blackburn with Darwen unitary authority, Lancashire: formerly important for textiles, now has mixed industries. Pop: 105 085 (2001)
  2. Mount Blackburn
    Mount Blackburn a mountain in SE Alaska, the highest peak in the Wrangell Mountains. Height: 5037 m (16 523 ft)

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Example Sentences

When a perplexed Jackson declined, Blackburn took it as confirmation she was in line with the kind of progressive education Cruz and others were depicting as Democratic dogma.

Hawley, Cotton and Blackburn were doing when laying the groundwork for their expected no votes.

From TIme

Akram, the attacker at the Texas synagogue, came from Blackburn, England.

“It costs almost as much to get a pipeline out of the ground as it costs to put it in the ground,” Blackburn says.

The brother said that Blackburn, 24, had recently moved into their mother’s home after losing his job in Texas.

But some pretty conservative legislators voted yes (Marco Rubio and David Vitter in the Senate, Marcia Blackburn in the House).

Thousands of people lined the streets for the Queen's first visit to Blackburn cathedral.

The Dean of Blackburn, the Very Reverend Christopher Armstrong, said it was the biggest event it had hosted.

“I just ate a softshell crab po-boy,” says Irvine Blackburn, from New Orleans.

On Wednesday morning, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) pressed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the issue.

Dr. Bowes asked Blackburn, one of their bishops, whether 'he was so happy as to belong to his diocese?'

Again the door of the tiny lobby opened and closed, and a form edged forward,—Blackburn, summoned from his mill.

Houston straightened, to find a short, bulky form before him, Henry Blackburn.

"Simply this," and the bulky Blackburn drew a nervous, sweating hand across his brow.

On the day before the rescue of Thornton Blackburn his wife eluded the jailer in disguise and escaped to Canada.


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