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[ blak-uhnd ]


  1. (especially of fish) coated with spices and sautéed quickly over high heat so that the outside chars.

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  • un·blackened adjective
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Example Sentences

A large blackened object traveling at high speed smashed into the ground near the horizon with a loud explosion heard for miles.

From Ozy

Blood and blackened remnants are caked on the bathroom floor.

Eyebrows Cressida: Imagine eyebrows drawn on a balloon with a blackened cork.

The rear ramp dropped open, and Lance Cpl. Williams saw a blackened hull spouting flames 30 feet high.

But inside the destroyed entrance, down the blackened hallways, through the blown-out doors, there is a room with a light on.

The figures of the murals are no longer blackened beyond recognition.

Charred beams and blackened walls showed stark and gaunt in the glow of a smoldering mass of wreckage.

In each case the tiny detachment discovered blackened walls and unburied corpses.

Coudrey, his face blackened with smoke, and his eyes blazing with the light of battle, came riding back.

He dragged the blackened brush through a vessel of clear water, then brandished it like the madman Mata thought him.

Sometimes the bichloride will not injure the wall-paper, but if there are gilt figures upon it these will be blackened.





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