[ blak-leg ]
/ 藞bl忙k藢l蓻g /
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verb (used with object), black路legged, black路leg路ging.British Informal.
verb (used without object), black路legged, black路leg路ging.
British Informal. to return to work before a strike is settled.
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Origin of blackleg

First recorded in 1715鈥25; black + leg; the origin of nonliteral senses is unclear; cf. jackleg
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How to use blackleg in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for blackleg

/ (藞bl忙kl蓻伞) /

Also called: scab British
  1. a person who acts against the interests of a trade union, as by continuing to work during a strike or taking over a striker's job
  2. (as modifier)blackleg labour
Also called: black quarter an acute infectious disease of cattle, sheep, and pigs, characterized by gas-filled swellings, esp on the legs, caused by Clostridium bacteria
plant pathol
  1. a fungal disease of cabbages and related plants caused by Phoma lingam, characterized by blackening and decay of the lower stems
  2. a similar disease of potatoes, caused by bacteria
a person who cheats in gambling, esp at cards or in racing
verb -legs, -legging or -legged
British to act against the interests of a trade union, esp by refusing to join a strike
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