or Blax·plain

[ blak-spleyn ]
/ ˈblækˌspleɪn /
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verb (used with or without object) (often lowercase)
to earnestly explain or describe the experience of Black Americans and how it differs from the presumably universal experience of the dominant white cultural group, especially in the context of pointing out racially insensitive behaviors: We've been Blacksplaining the N-word to white folks for more than twenty years, so I find it hard to believe people who say they didn't realize it was offensive.
to comment on the minority experience or explain racism to a person of color in a condescending or blaming way, as to point out accommodating behaviors that the victim of racism might have adopted to defuse interracial conflict: I was furious when the white election official started Blacksplaining civic engagement to Black voters who had been waiting in line to vote for more than three hours. Compare whitesplain.
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Origin of Blacksplain

First recorded in 2010–15; Black1 + -splain
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