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[ blak-top ]


  1. a bituminous substance, usually asphalt, for paving roads, parking lots, playgrounds, etc.
  2. a road covered with blacktop.


  1. pertaining to or surfaced with blacktop:

    a blacktop driveway.

verb (used with object)

, black·topped, black·top·ping.
  1. to pave with blacktop.


/ ˈblækˌtɒp /


  1. a bituminous mixture used for paving
  2. a road paved with this mixture
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Word History and Origins

Origin of blacktop1

An Americanism dating back to 1930–35; black + top 1
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Example Sentences

Snow was falling, the blacktop was wet, and she had just watched her husband of 29 years take his last breath.

He made it about 30 feet, heard a terrible roar, felt the heat, and dove underneath a van, skinning his stomach as he slid along the blacktop, sailing under it as though he were riding a luge.

For cyclists, however, the focus is blacktop, and the sheer number of road options is the real attraction.

The 105-mile, two-lane blacktop follows the ridgeline through the center of the park, offering 75 scenic overlooks and a whopping 15,000 feet of climbing.

A mix of snow and rain had fallen throughout the night, leaving the blacktop slick.

The place is twenty-six miles north on blacktop, another three and a half over gravel.

She walked down the bluestone and blacktop driveway and through shadows thrown by the branches of seven leafless oak trees.

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh admits he loves nothing more than engaging in a fierce, hard-fought battle on the blacktop.

Then the blacktop road curved out into the desert to the great radio telescope.

I had a parcel from Bob with a shirt and some eatables; also one from Jean at Blacktop and one from home.

Zircon took a blacktop road to the west, close to the base of the mountain.

At the end of the blacktop, he and Scotty got out and examined the road surface.

On the Golp Terrace, as the blacktop island was called, everyone and everything conformed—or else.