[ blak-wood ]

  1. William, 1776–1834, English publisher.

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/ (ˈblækˌwʊd) /

  1. Also called: Sally Wattle a tall Australian acacia tree, A. melanoxylon, having small clusters of flowers and curved pods and yielding highly valued black timber

  2. any of various trees or shrubs of the leguminous genus Dalbergia, esp D. melanoxylon (of Africa) or D. latifolia (of India), yielding black wood used for carving and musical instruments

  1. the wood of any of these trees

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/ (ˈblækˌwʊd) /

  1. bridge a conventional bidding sequence of four and five no-trumps, which are requests to the partner to show aces and kings respectively

Origin of Blackwood

C20: named after Easeley F. Blackwood, its American inventor

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/ (ˈblækˌwʊd) /

  1. Algernon (Henry). 1869–1951, British novelist and short-story writer; noted for his supernatural tales

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