[ bleyn ]


  1. James Gil·les·pie [gi-, les, -pee], 1830–93, U.S. statesman.
  2. a town in E Minnesota.

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Example Sentences

The hardest thing to come to terms with is that ultimately you cannot make everything all right for people, Blaine says.

Blaine stresses that he was not called to inspect the rail site.

Barbara Blaine, outreach director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests or SNAP disagrees.

“Rather than being embraced, appreciated and acknowledged, we are ostracized, ignored and blamed,” said Blaine.

As one theatergoer puts it, "This is the year Vivian Blaine finally wins her Tony."

But when he saw that Mr. Blaine's nomination was inevitable, he joined in making it unanimous.

Nobody can describe the enthusiasm through the entire convention for Blaine.

Its force was somewhat weakened by the denials of Secretary Blaine that he had taken the initiative or made any definite promises.

As Secretary Blaine and he entered the station, arm in arm, they passed through the ladies' waiting-room.

The opposition to Blaine in the convention was so strong that no one of the assembled players seriously expected his nomination.