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blank check


  1. a bank check bearing a signature but no stated amount.
  2. unrestricted authority; a free hand:

    He was given a blank check in the choice of personnel for the new department.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blank check1

First recorded in 1790–95, and in 1885–90 blank check fordef 2

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Idioms and Phrases

Unrestricted authority, a free hand, as in I'll support most of the chairman's agenda, but I'm not ready to give him a blank check for the company's future . Literally this term signifies a bank check that is signed by the drawer but does not indicate the amount of money, which is filled in by the person to whom it is given. [Late 1800s]

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Example Sentences

SPACs act as blank checks for financiers who raise money through initial public offerings on public stock markets, then use the proceeds to acquire promising companies.

From Quartz

The upcoming presentation at the city’s public safety committee aside, there hasn’t been much response to stories in recent weeks showing that elected officials have been signing a blank check for tactical equipment and surveillance gear.

The deal is the latest in a long string of electric vehicle-related companies to merge with so-called blank check companies, eschewing the traditional path to an IPO.

They have lost the historical memory, and the common sense, that liberals often had in the past when asked if they wanted to give blank checks to federal agents.

SPACs, also known as blank check companies, are formed for the purpose of merging or acquiring other companies.

And during the debt ceiling fight in 2011, Republican after Republican complained that Obama wanted a blank check to spend.

In short, it did want a blank check to do as it pleased, but just a bit of empathy from the president.

He didn't mention the country's credit, but accused Obama of repeatedly wanting "a blank check."

That is rare and could force the network to ask the Disney bosses for more, though an executive says there is “no blank check.”

Obama is clearly trying to ensure that the Afghan war no longer be run on a blank check.

When a person assumes the obligation, he gives “Emperor” Simmons a blank check on his bank account.

"I shall not forget to lay this blank check before his majesty," was the stinging retort.

Wot's more natural, with a blank check before 'im, than for the confidential clark to facsimilate 'is marster's hautograph?

I really cannot justify it to my conscience to carry about my person any such loose and reckless document as a blank check.

He took a blank check from his pocket-book—a check on the Chemical Bank, wherein $2.17 reposed peacefully to his credit.


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