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[ blang-ki-ting ]


  1. The blanketing was too warm.

  2. Radio. the effect of a signal from a powerful transmitter that interferes with or prevents the reception of other signals.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of blanketing1

First recorded in 1570–80; blanket + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

It all made for a melancholy scene when the lights went down before tip-off and Washington honored franchise great Wes Unseld, who died in June at 74, with a video and a moment of silence — true, blanketing silence.

On a boulevard with stacked neon-lit signs blanketing the buildings, Veatch finds the gaming arcade frequented by the Kims.

Reach for a bottle of schnaps to ward off the bitter cold blanketing America right now.

Meanwhile, competitors have been blanketing China with cheaper smartphones.

Tropical cyclone Oswald has produced a blanketing of sea foam in parts of Queensland, Australia.

From Celine to Louis Vuitton, minimal new carry-alls are blanketing runways.

Blanketing: A slang term, used when one vessel covers or becalms another with her sails.

Her voice penetrated the uproar of his mind, stilling troubled waters, blanketing other sounds.

When the chills intervene he wants blanketing, hot bottles at his feet, and hot tea, or something stronger.

But of that his squire could not be convinced, for the episode of the blanketing still remained a most vivid reality to him.

Batson Reeves was just blanketing his horse, for in his vigorous courtship forenoon calls figured regularly.


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