/ (ˈblæŋkɪtɪ) /

adjective, adverb
  1. a euphemism for any taboo word

Origin of blankety

C20: from blank

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How to use blankety in a sentence

  • But Jack never even smiled: “Who would have thought that a blankety-blank goat would go for a fellow!”

  • It would be a blankety-blank if you had to live with him, for you are the kind of woman to torment such a man to death.

    The Annals of Ann | Kate Trimble Sharber
  • If it wasn't for that blankety-blank pass, I could tell you what I think of your blinkety-blink old road.

    From Pillar to Post | John Kendrick Bangs
  • We distinctly heard the Confederate cavalrymen crying, 'Stop, you blankety blanked Yankees!'

    Doctor Jones' Picnic | S. E. Chapman
  • Then he lay back, swearing at the blankety blank young blanker, and still watching him.