/ (ˈblætɪd) /

  1. slang drunk

Origin of blatted

C20: of uncertain origin

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How to use blatted in a sentence

  • She told me as well as any words can say, 'Come on,' and when I offered her my hand she blatted like a fawn and ran away.

    John Ermine of the Yellowstone | Frederic Remington
  • The calf blatted with pain, but presently it was snaked out from the quagmire to the firm earth.

    The Fighting Edge | William MacLeod Raine
  • The little beast strained at the end of its tether, headed toward the fire, and blatted plaintively.

    The Trail Boys on the Plains | Jay Winthrop Allen
  • A hundred yards from that gate, its horn blatted irritably at the car of the acting head of municipal police.

    The Pirates of Ersatz | Murray Leinster
  • As though he had been waiting for the chance, the calf blatted and charged.

    The Trail Boys on the Plains | Jay Winthrop Allen