[ bley-zuhn ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim: The pickets blazoned their grievances on placards.

  2. to adorn or embellish, especially brilliantly or showily.

  1. to describe in heraldic terminology.

  2. to depict (heraldic arms or the like) in proper form and color.

  1. an escutcheon; coat of arms.

  2. the heraldic description of armorial bearings.

  1. conspicuous display.

Origin of blazon

1275–1325; Middle English blaso(u)n<Anglo-French, Old French blason buckler, of obscure origin

Other words from blazon

  • bla·zon·er, noun
  • bla·zon·ment, noun
  • un·bla·zoned, adjective

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How to use blazon in a sentence

  • The outer surface of the aspis was decorated or painted with various motifs and blazons – with some even signifying the status of the richer upper class hoplites.

  • One shield bears a bull's head; the next has three crosses; the third blazon is a crab.

    Homer and His Age | Andrew Lang
  • She bore a blazon of a feminine hand dangling a planet by a string from one finger; a good ship, and an able, ruthless captain.

    Space Viking | Henry Beam Piper
  • Nothing left but picture of one small blue soldier looking up through blazon flames of Christmas-tree to shining thing above.

  • I should not however have been tempted to blazon my coat of arms, were it not connected with a whimsical anecdote.

British Dictionary definitions for blazon


/ (ˈbleɪzən) /

  1. (often foll by abroad) to proclaim loudly and publicly

  2. heraldry to describe (heraldic arms) in proper terms

  1. to draw and colour (heraldic arms) conventionally

  1. heraldry a conventional description or depiction of heraldic arms

  2. any description or recording, esp of good qualities

Origin of blazon

C13: from Old French blason coat of arms

Derived forms of blazon

  • blazoner, noun

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