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/ ˈbliːtʃəz /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular a tier of seats in a sports stadium, etc, that are unroofed and inexpensive
  2. the people occupying such seats

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Example Sentences

Thankfully, his music as Bleachers helps you get to know him.

The first Bleachers single went to number one in alternative and all the shows have been sold out lately.

And so far the response to Bleachers has been more incredible than I could even imagine.

There are little kids darting up and down the bleachers, being herded by moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.

The lucky ones jogged out of the bleachers to receive their new credentials and be seated.

The sittings in the row do not seem to have been marked off any more than they are now in the "bleachers" at our baseball grounds.

She was the patron saint of flax-spinners, of procurers of wet-nurses, of vellum-dressers, and of bleachers of wool.

Eluding all would-be tacklers, leaving his team mates far behind, the slim Kentucky boy set the bleachers howling with delight.

An old grad fell backward off the bleachers, barely escaping a broken neck.

The vast empty stands and bleachers seemed to confer privacy upon an informal and friendly gathering.