[ bles-id; especially for 3, 7 blest ]
/ ˈblɛs ɪd; especially for 3, 7 blɛst /


Also blest.

Origin of blessed

Middle English word dating back to 1125–75; see origin at bless, -ed2

Related forms

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[ bles ]
/ blɛs /

verb (used with object), blessed or blest, bless·ing.

Origin of bless

before 950; Middle English blessen, Old English blētsian, blēdsian to consecrate, orig. with blood, earlier *blōdisōian (blōd blood + -isō- derivational suffix + -ian v. suffix)

Related forms

bless·er, nounbless·ing·ly, adverbout·bless, verb (used with object), out·blessed or out·blest, out·bles·sing.pre·bless, verb (used with object) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈblɛsɪd, blɛst) /



the blessed Christianity the dead who are already enjoying heavenly bliss

Derived Forms

blessedly, adverbblessedness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for blessed (2 of 2)


/ (blɛs) /

verb blesses, blessing, blessed or blest (tr)

Word Origin for bless

Old English blǣdsian to sprinkle with sacrificial blood; related to blōd blood
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