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/ ˈblaɪndəz /

plural noun

  1. leather sidepieces attached to a horse's bridle to prevent sideways vision Also called (in Britain and other countries)blinkers

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Example Sentences

Up and down the plane I heard the slap of blinders yanked down over the windows while the rest of us eagerly took in the view.

I told Eric how Rick Robinson had peeled the blinders from my eyes.

Better to put on blinders, they say, and focus on home and family.

It takes each decision somewhat out of context, and, in a way, puts on the horse-blinders.

But why had I removed the family blinders, I asked myself, if I did not want to look at the full spectrum of possibilities?

Everybody laughed, and the president asked some one to tell him who invented blinders.

He says that the worst thing against blinders is that a frightened horse never knows when he has passed the thing that scared him.

The blinders are there and he can't see that he has passed it, and he can't turn his head to have a good look at it.

Reba pulled off her "blinders," as she called the sun-bonnet, while she ran.

They are blinders that confine the eyes of mind to the road ahead.


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