[ blahyn-ding ]
/ ˈblaɪn dɪŋ /


a layer of sand or fine gravel for filling the gaps in the surfaces of a road or pavement, as one of crushed and compacted stone.

Origin of blinding

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at blind, -ing1


non·blind·ing, adjectivenon·blind·ing·ly, adverbun·blind·ing, adjective

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Origin of blind

before 1000; (adj.) Middle English blind, Old English; cognate with Gothic blinds, Old Norse blindr, German, Dutch blind (< Germanic *blindaz, perhaps akin to blend; original sense uncertain); (v.) Middle English blinden, derivative of the adj.


synonym study for blind

1. Blind, stone-blind, purblind mean unable to see. Blind means unable to see with the physical eyes. Stone-blind emphasizes complete blindness. Purblind refers to weakened vision, literally or figuratively. 25. See curtain.

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27. See window shade. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈblaɪndɪŋ) /


sand or grit spread over a road surface to fill up cracks
the process of laying blinding
Also called: mattress a layer of concrete made with little cement spread over soft ground to seal it so that reinforcement can be laid on it


making one blind or as if blindblinding snow
most noticeable; brilliant or dazzlinga blinding display of skill

Derived forms of blinding

blindingly, adverb

British Dictionary definitions for blinding (2 of 2)

Derived forms of blind

blindly, adverbblindness, noun

Word Origin for blind

Old English blind; related to Old Norse blindr, Old High German blint; Lettish blendu to see dimly; see blunder

usage for blind

It is preferable to avoid using phrases such as the blind . Instead you should talk about blind and partially sighted people
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Medical definitions for blinding

[ blīnd ]


Unable to see; without useful sight.
Having a maximal visual acuity of the better eye, after correction by refractive lenses, of one-tenth normal vision or less (20/200 or less on the Snellen test).
Of, relating to, or for sightless persons.
Closed at one end, as a tube or sac.

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blindness n.
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