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[blints, blint-suh]
noun Jewish Cookery.
  1. a thin pancake folded or rolled around a filling, as of cheese or fruit, and fried or baked.
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Also blintz [blints] /blɪnts/.

Origin of blintze

1900–05; < Yiddish blintse; compare Byelorussian blints-, stem of blinéts, diminutive of blin pancake; see blin
Can be confusedblintze blitz
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British Dictionary definitions for blintz



  1. a thin pancake folded over a filling usually of apple, cream cheese, or meat
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Word Origin for blintz

C20: from Yiddish blintse, from Russian blinyets little pancakes; see blini
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Word Origin and History for blintz


1903, from Yiddish blintze, from Russian blinyets, diminutive of blin "pancake," from Old Russian blinu.

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