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block out


  1. to plan or describe (something) in a general fashion
  2. to prevent the entry or consideration of (something)
  3. photog printing to mask part of (a negative), in order that light may not pass through it

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Example Sentences

It would be wise to block out the time to read this in one sitting.

People learn how to cover things, how to block out pain, but I cannot do that.

They block out all ambient noise and turn your seat into an oasis of silence.

The obvious response is to click into your calendar and block out the time.

I was none too soon, because dead ahead by a thousand feet or so, they were hauling a second road block out.

This result is produced by first piling up a number of boards to form a block out of which the propeller can be carved.

You understand I was under the orders of the contractor, and he had his own plan about getting the block out.

Such a person will often go a block out of his way to avoid meeting a person of the opposite sex.

By varying the number over a porthole we could block out most of the light and keep our objective in view.


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