block printing

  1. printing from hand engraved or carved blocks of wood or linoleum

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How to use block printing in a sentence

  • Next came block printing, which is still extensively used in Europe.

    Textiles | William H. Dooley
  • block printing was first used, the design being engraved in relief on blocks of wood.

    Textiles and Clothing | Kate Heintz Watson
  • This has been the expressed opinion of many who have undertaken a course of wood-block printing for this object alone.

    Wood-Block Printing | F. Morley Fletcher
  • Any colour that can be obtained in a fine dry powder may be used in wood-block printing.

    Wood-Block Printing | F. Morley Fletcher
  • Miss James has a beautiful English piece of Morris block printing which she values highly.

    Clothing and Health | Helen Kinne